Does Casepipeline offer a month to month agreement?

Yes, we do not require long term agreement with our services. You can cancel your service at anytime. Start a free trial to get started.

Can I print out real prospective clients information during the trial period?

Yes, casepipeline offers access to the latest client information when you register for a trial account.

Are case search results names of unrepresented individuals?

Yes, we filter out prospective clients that have no representation using our web technology.

How often are the listings updated in your search database?

Nope, never. We take our client privacy very serious. We do not do this and would never do this.

Do you have any cancellation fees?

No, CasePipeline is a month to month agreement. You can cancel anytime without any fees.

What is Mail Analytics?

Mail-Analytics is a CasePipeline feature that allows you to track the effectiveness of your mail marketing. We provide a number for your mail marketing and track each calls to your business. Tracking can be use to determine effectiveness of marketing information.

Do you also deliver my mail marketing information to potential clients?

No we no longer mail out marketing materials.