How it works

Jason finds himself in trouble with the law.

CasePipeline gathers all public information from court records and arrest data sources using its proprietary algorithm and makes it available to its members. Start a marketing campaign now!

Jason then gets a letter in the mail from an Attorney

Attorneys can send a letter to a potential client providing information on all the consequences he is facing and let him know what options are available. CasePipeline can mail letters for the attorneys so they do not have to worry about the manual process involved. Start a marketing campaign now!

Jason calls the attorney from the letter and ask how they can help him.

The clients calls the attorney to talk about his case and to discuss services he can receive. CasePipeline offers a phone number for all letters sent out to client; this enables us to track efficacy of the marketing. We can also call back the client if you miss the call so you do not miss out the opportunity. Start a marketing campaign now!

Jason decides to hire the attorney to help him with his legal issue.

Jason and attorney discusses the details of the his case. Jason decides and to hire the attorney and pays his legal fees. Jason and the Attorney are both happy. Start a marketing campaign now!