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Determining Cost Per Client for Advertising

Most law firms can reduce the cost per client, but almost all of them are unsure what it takes to make it happen. The sad thing is the easiest way to reduce the cost per client in your law firm is to sign more clients. The down side to that is finding them and building trust with them. That?s where advertising comes in to play. You must advertise to bring in more clients.

The best way to understand how spending money will make you money when you sign clients is to see it in writing. An example of this would be if you spend $10,000 on advertising in one month and you signed 10 new clients, the cost for each client would be $1000. More than likely you?ll charge more than $1000 to represent this client so you?ll make a profit. Now if you were to spend $10,000 on advertising and you signed 20 clients, then of course the cost would go down to $500 a client and the profit would be even more.

The best way to see more results for your advertising dollars is to find what works and stick to that plan. There?s no point in spending money on a method that doesn?t work, but you must wait a few months to see true results. Giving your advertising options a few weeks to a month isn?t going to be enough time to see accurate results.