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Is Advertising a Game of Chance?

The best way to describe advertising is to call it a game of numbers. You need to find the best places to advertising, the best combinations of places, and the right dollar amount to spend. When you find the best of everything you?ll find the cost per client will be low and your income will be high. The important thing to note is if you don?t find the right combination you won?t reach out to the highest number of prospective clients and that defeats the entire purpose.

You need to remember the more popular the ad, the more people you?ll reach and the better chance you?ll have of signing clients. Remember the cost of the ads during the World Series are more expensive than they are during a regular baseball game; the reason is because more people watch the World Series than they do any given regular season baseball game.

It doesn?t matter if you choose to advertise on the radio, television, newspaper, or direct mail you?ll find finding the right number of ads to place a month, depending on the type of location you choose, the timing maybe big, and length of your ad will determine the number of potential clients you?re hitting. That?s valuable information to gather and when you hit the jackpot, you?ve won the game.