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Will you See Value if you Increase your Advertising Budget?

Advertising is valuable when you?re running your own law firm. Clients are going to come knocking on your door if they don?t know you exist. You may think advertising isn?t worth it but when those clients start strolling through the door when they see or hear your ads you?ll see the value in spending money on advertising.

In the previous post you saw how spending $10,000 on advertising and signing 10 clients will cost you $1000 per client, but what you do you if you increase your advertising by 20% and sign 10 more clients on that amount? That changes your cost per client amount to $600 per client, which means you?ve lowered the cost by $400. That?s more profit in your pocket per client and you?ve only increase your advertising dollars by $2000.

When you?re thinking about your advertising dollars it?s best to consider the options that are sure to find your clientele. There?s no point in advertising in places they don?t visit. An example of this would be direct mail advertising verses the radio. Depending on the type of clients you represent, the radio may be the last thing they listen to.

This is the exact reason why you must be careful about your advertising choices. While the radio or television may reach larger numbers of people, you may find the type of people you represent may not be there. This is why it?s crucial you find the right venue for your ads and continue to place your ads in these places.